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Tracey Roberts MP, Federal Member for Pearce

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Tracey's previous role as Mayor of Wanneroo

The City of Wanneroo plays an important role in developing and promoting the arts in the region, including holding its annual Art Awards and Exhibitions and its long-standing support for community theatre.

In 2020, the City received the National Award for Local Government in the ‘Arts Animates’ category, which recognises projects that support wellbeing through arts and culture, creating vibrant, diverse and cohesive communities.
These values and commitments are directly aligned with those of Peter Moyes Anglican Community School, where we continually strive to nurture students’ interest in culture and the arts. 
As a former Registrar at our school from 1999 to 2011, Wanneroo Mayor Tracey Roberts has a long-standing connection with Peter Moyes. We are deeply appreciative of Tracey’s support for our school throughout the years. Building on this connection, we are pleased to have Mayor Tracey Roberts as the Snapshot Youth Theatre Company Patron.
A passionate and active community member, Tracey is committed to supporting safe, connected communities for residents and visitors to enjoy. She has a very strong focus on community engagement, economic development, lifestyle impact and choice for the City’s 216,000 residents.

As a full time Mayor, Tracey is intensely involved in the strategic leadership of the City, including resource allocation and financial management of the City’s $200 million budget and $2.8 billion of assets.

Tracey consistently advocates for local employment opportunities, community safety and the infrastructure required to service the City’s growing population, in line with her commitment to delivering quality local facilities and services for residents.

She is proud of the City, its heritage and of the Pioneers whose hard work, resilience and determination helped lay the foundation for what has become one of Australia’s largest and fastest growing cities.

Tracey was voted into office as the Federal Member for Pearce at the Federal Election in 2022.

Tracey is a strong advocate for Western Australia as the former Mayor of Wanneroo, President of the Western Australian Local Government Association and Vice President of the Australian Local Government Association.

In the mid-1980’s, Tracey emigrated to Australia with her husband David, who passed away in 1995 after a long battle with cancer. Their son Lee was only four years old.

Tracey remarried and had a second son, Matthew with her husband Pete. In 2008, Tracey was diagnosed with breast cancer.

It was the Wanneroo community who got her through these challenging times, and that support has driven her to give back.

Tracey has a proven track record of delivering for the City of Wanneroo, and has worked side by side with Premier Mark McGowan to deliver key infrastructure projects for Perth’s northern suburbs.

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